Amigos, familia, mates,parceros.

Introducing to you all Bournemouth’s only reggae ,balkan,cambia,hip-hop swing dance vibration . WeThe Bomo swingones have been created to pleased all your party nutty senses. so you can  experience the new fiesta to dance with your own personalised original dancing style like no one is looking at you , where all the inhibitions are left behind or just forgotten for the length of our set. Just real therapeutic time.Definitely a calorie burner Band.

communication centre

Swingachones Here it is  our brand new website or communication centre which should now be your one-stop  for all The Bomo Swing thingys . Everything relating to us can be found here, please explore it freely and vigorously. Updates will be regularly forthcoming from all the corners of cyberspace, so make sure to check in frequently. See you after the jump. With Love, The Bomo Swing Family.

also we have been sort of hibernating a bit ,but just getting an E.P. ready for early next year we hope, here’s a little snippet.